Fitness requirement

All our programs are now allocated a fitness requirement score of 1-5 to give some impression of the levels of fitness required to get the most out of your trip, based on our experience over previous seasons. This does not preclude your booking as we cater for every ability, but does act as an indicator for any off-season preparation and for those looking at getting the most out of a tour.

Level 1.   Easy, mostly flat or short days riding over quality surfaces requiring only basic    cardio fitness.

Level 2.  Slightly longer courses with no categorised climbing (Steeper and longer climbs).  Average fitness required but well within the ability of individuals attending gym 3 times/wk.

Level 3. Longer courses ( 100km+/day) with some climbs requiring  ‘club ride’ fitness or recent endurance experience eg regular 10km+ running etc., to best enjoy the longer days. Average daily riding of 4-5hrs minimum.

Level 4. Long courses ( 125kms+/day) with long cat 0 or 1 climbs. This requires good recent mileage of ideally 150kms/wk riding and winter gym work to build string core fitness and endurance. The more 150km+ rides the better!! and ideally a spring training camp if regular training is difficult.

Level 5. Big Sportives . With the big one day events such as La Marmotte, Etape or Ariegoise it’s simply a case of ‘the fitter the better’, with as much mileage packed into those legs as you can muster over the winter. You need as many 165km+ rides as possible at home to gain the endurance and maintain a decent average speed. If a first timer or short on regular training we recommend at least one mountain training weekend to get your head around the long climbs and possible heat. Nutrition is also key so get used to using gels and carb/electrolyte drinks. These are tough long days, requiring good preparation.

5+ .  This only applies to the Tour De Mt Blanc which should only be considered if already an experienced big sportive rider and in excellent physical condition. This is considered an ‘Ultra event’ and the pinnicle of one day events.

To help with any or all of your cycling fitness requirements, we have teamed up with: 

A superb bike specific training environment in central london.  At PerformancePro they have developed a comprehensive service that completes the loop from initial consultation through to individual therapy and exercise prescription tailored to enable patients and clients to achieve their goals. Whether you’re fighting back from injury, a rider looking to improve your endurance, or just looking to improve your performance in the gym – they have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goal.